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"Three out of Four Years", My Car, My Home

"I wasn't prepared for what it entailed, nor would I ever relinquish the experience"

"After reading this post, how would you answer the question at post's end?"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
Gambling was overtaking my life and I made a drastic decision:
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Sleep out of my car until I quit gambling or I had made it as a professional gambler (without telling anyone)
For three out of four years, I lived out of my car: White Honda Civic

"Neighbour's son removed both Honda Civics from my view after I posted the car on alternate blogs"

It wasn't surprising that I had attracted a research group regarding my experiences
(but only as a failed gambler very important to note).

From the Fall of 1997 to the Fall of 2001, I worked for 300 different companies; mostly through temporary agencies.

"Minimum Wage Hero"
 In 2001, during my unfortunate & very unlikely "schizophrenic onset", I was told once that "I did not live out of my car at all". Completely dumbfounded, couldn't understand why they would say that.
"Cunningham'sJohnston'sEdwards families, would not want anyone to know they conducted experimental psychology on someone living out of their car"
 Worked at Manpower (September 1997 - 1998) for a year, prior to joining Labor Ready. I enjoyed the variety of jobs, employment volume, and cash paid daily that Labour Ready was able to provide (made the time go faster, maybe too fast?).

Hurontario St. Car pool 401 Mississauga
This letter of reference was required for the forms my sister (mother can't write), was filing out for my "schizophrenia"

Labour Ready:
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
The older Labour Ready office (5150 Aimco Blvd in Mississauga), is where 99 % of my jobs were assigned from, before Labour Ready moved.

Labour Ready office (5150 Aimco Blvd in Mississauga

Manager Pauline Buckle, and likely assistant manager Brad, would remember me quite easily.

  • Labour Ready opened their offices every week day at 5:30 AM, with lineups starting at 5:00 AM usually (earlier during the bleak post Xmas season months January - March).
  • Barren industrial landscape at 5:00 AM, not even an open coffee shop close-by
  • Receiving a job order at 5:30 AM, the job likely starts around 8:00 AM or even later / evening PM shift
  • No jobs? Waiting list with priority to those with transportation and immediate contact # (pager / telephone)
  • Waiting at office for work, or option of going back to sleep in the car and wait if someone pages you
  • Employer requesting your return next day, allowed you to avoid next day's line-up job order @ 5;30 AM
  • Cash daily attracted some with drug or alcohol problems, out of jail, living outside, and regulars who worked steady jobs or job vagabonds (enjoyed randomness of employment and freedom to choose)
  • Good work ethics coupled with seniority enabled preferred job selections or call backs (very important during slow employment periods).
  • Hostess in Mississauga was my most frequent employer during the 4 years, driving a 26 FT truck delivering snacks to grocery stores all over the GTA (especially Christmas season - truck loading manager Kevin).  
  • I was the only one that wore a golf visor everyday to jobs, which covered the "bed head" & provided circulation
"No You Didn't" .......................................... "Yes I Did !!!! "
Living in St. Catharines and commuting back and forth to Labour Ready everyday would have been impossible
(financial suicide) :

- I was only making $6.85 per hour
- Employment was not guaranteed, volatile, and unpredictable at various times
- Jobs would only guarantee 3 hours minimum pay if work completed early
- Gas costs from daily St. Catharines commute would have eaten half of my paycheck
- Wear and tear on my vehicle (oil consumption)
- Would of needed to leave St. Catharines at 4:00 AM everyday to get in line
- Would have returned to St. Catharines in rush hour traffic after 7:00 PM
- Winter weather / snow / extreme heat would have made it more difficult and risky of a commute
- I still had $300 in car and insurance payments each month to pay
- Continued stress on the family
- Even alternating between the two (car / St. Catharines), would have been a continuous & very stressful adjustment

The most important reason I didn't commute was that it defeated the whole purpose of what I was trying to do (avoid comfort).

"Cunningham'sJohnston'sEdwards families, would not want anyone to know they conducted experimental psychology on someone living out of their car"

Sleeping out of my car was uncomfortable and difficult; the WHOLE POINT !

Living Out of My Car:
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
The first week that I immersed myself in my car (Sept 1997), was arriving in Toronto and answering an ad for a temp agency:

  • Used my father's old bulky heavy construction boots; got laughed at (lol)
  • Worked at a furniture company and was completely broke until the following week's pay
  • Had only a loaf of bread and a bar of butter to survive on for the week
  • Job was located in the the Jane / Finch area of Toronto
  • Slept at a Hotel parking lot every night that was located across from the Police Station
  • Counted down the days to payday (with decreasing gas gauge), for a meal and a hot coffee.

Later on, I became more routine and resourceful in dealing with my situation and needs:

Food:  "A compromised luxury, but a necessity in heavy / hard labour jobs"

- Never once used the food bank because I never thought of it (lol)
- Aware of fast food deals (rewarded myself with a buffet at times)
- Loaf bread and a small daily Wendy's chili, lasts a couple of days until payday
- Groceries non-perishable (unless winter then trunk = refrigerator)
- Some jobs had cooking facilities so shopped beforehand
- Grocery deli's would reduce and over-fill purchases, at store scheduled PM closings
- Truck stops are always open, good food, and friendly truckers with many stories

Sleeping accommodations:  "A good day usually started with a good night's sleep"

- I could estimate the actual time overnight within 15 minutes, by listening to volume / pattern of 401 highway traffic
- Hotel parking lots, within reason
- Car pools with Hurontario St. / 401 my favorite spot
- Car's slightly tinted windows helped provide cover
- Black bed sheet spread out on top, used as cover for other blankets and for concealment
- Honda's back seat dropped inside car & instant  access to trunk  for changing clothes / storing bedding / food
- Slanted back seat was a pain at times on the back
- Fast food locations for quick naps
- Mall parking lots during business hours
- Previous jobs parking lots with 7 / 24 hour work  days
- Rain and snow was best cover for sleep anywhere / anytime
- Best $110 ever spent was a down-filled sleeping bag at an army surplus store (half a week's pay)
- Sleeping with a combo toque / face mask, gloves, and a heavy scarf, a must during the cold weather
- My sister came down once to Toronto and tried to arrange hotel accommodations for me **(I declined)**

Jobs: "Took and worked out my frustrations on my job, that's why I always did a great job"

- Between 1997-2001, Unions were very wary of temp agencies and union employees let you know quickly.
- If you worked too hard, you were showing up the regular workers
- If you did too good of a job, you would be offered a position in which you didn't want
- Temp jobs were primary source, although I did work at various companies for periods of time (Airport car Jockey)
- Always checked the newspapers for jobs
- Holidays and post Xmas very tough time
- Heavy lifting / back breaking jobs required public whirlpool
- If I knew I was in for a heavy back breaking job, I would take a couple of aspirins beforehand
- Dollar gloves with fingers cut off from knuckles, offered convenient hand protection without perspiration
- Midnight shifts worst time is 4:30 AM for falling asleep (standing is possible lol)
- Learned Tow Motor, loading trucks top request for jobs
- Common jobs - lumpers / order picking / delivery / cleanup / assembly
- After working at 300 companies, you get to be very good in almost every situation
- Avoided sharing rides to hide living conditions and messing up my "home" with mud, dirt, ....

Hygiene: "Least difficult problem that I had to solve"

- Used public swimming facilities for their whirlpool, sauna, and showers
- Gas stations rest rooms and food courts for washrooms and brushing teeth
- Arrived early at job sites to use facilities
- Laundromat for washing clothes (always had a laundry bag in trunk for dirty clothes - lol)
- Value Village for great deals on winter clothes
- Black plastic work pants & jackets shield cold wind & rain / dirt / chemicals  / quick change / protect regular clothes
- Sleeping with the flu in -20 Celsius works as long as you stayed covered, ate, and a shot of Canadian Club

Weather: "Just another unpredictable obstacle that I had to deal with"

- Difficult at times to shield from, especially during holidays or off business hours
- Cold to -50 Celsius windchill (trust me when I say that's F'n cold)
- Cold weather had to conserve gas at times including middle of night
- Humidity reaching +50 Celsius (heat was draining and caused inability to sleep)
- Windy (thought my car was going to flip over)
- Rain storms / snow storms weather was actually good for sleeping conditions
- Coldest time of the night was 4:30 AM, that would wake you up earlier than you expected for the day
- If you could see your breathe early in the morning, dress fast, like really really fast

Sexual Encounters / Parking Spacing: "a lot goes on in those parking lots you never knew about"

- There are "special" ladies that visit men mostly in cars (like truckers)
- Numerous couples having quickies in parking lots beside me while trying to sleep
- Noticed mostly men on men usually like the mall parking lots
- Amazed and pissed off that there are countless empty parking spots, yet people need to park beside an existing car
- Dodging for cover when an unexpected car parks beside me while trying to catch sleep from work
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
"I had a pager so that I could usually be reached for employment"
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Christmas 1998:
"In 1998, woke up Christmas morning in a car pool parking lot, surrounded by 2 feet of snow"

- I was the only car left from going to sleep the night before
- I hadn't talked to my family in 6  months
- My sister says she paged me but seems wrong number that she dialed
- Headed off to truck stop for a meal (truckers always have a good story to share)

Nintendo 64 (N64) $400 Purchase:
"Wanted to get my nephew for Xmas a N64 while his mother was buying him second hand clothes"

- In 1997, worked double shifts at a bakery ( 6 days / 2 weeks / min wage  6.85 hr )
- Rented a hotel room after I purchased the N64 and slept for 18 hours straight (Sat noon- Sun noon)
- Nephew had the N64 before his friends  (neighbor across Edwards'), whose dad worked at GM
- Extra games, controller,and memory pack hit about $400 total

Public Speaking:
"Nephew was failing his public school class until I found out it was related to his fear of public speaking"

- After work each night, I went to various Chapters stores and researched Supernova
- Created a Supernova magic trick in which he placed Star elements into bag and pulled out a new Star
- Returned to St. Catharines to coach him up on his presentation
- Nephew finished 3rd overall in the whole school for public speaking presentations
- Former Maplewood Public School now The Greek Community Orthodox Church

"Sister was worried about my nephew being bullied"

- Kids in grade 5 can have various reasons for outbursts
- I was pissed off since my sister would object always to our play fighting
- Play fighting can defuse situations for some kids that some may perceive as a threat
- I wrestled with him to diminish any fear of contact
- Explained to my nephew to just kick back if he got kicked and I would intervene with the teacher if needed
- I then realized after that he just wanted to be friends and that was his way of engaging with others
- Once my nephew invited him for video games, they became friends
- The other boy was a Police Officer's son whose parents were divorced

"Survived and gambled when I could"

- Library, coffee shops, race track and simulcast centers
- Horse racing gambling simulcasts only started late into my car immersion
- Watch NHL playoffs in bars or at race tracks locations
- Bought small used portable hand held TV / car adapter (died quickly like the Leafs lol)

- Stress of keeping my lifestyle hidden and looking for work consistently, took it's mental toll
- Sleeping outside and getting paid cash daily wasn't always the smartest thing to do

- Minimum wage jobs were always the ones no one else wanted to do, so physically it took it's toll
- Believe what the onsite job posters say, "Proper lifting techniques does work at work" - (lol)

Destruction of My Life-style:
"I noticed changes in the last few months of my car experience, more stressful - I was being set-up"

I stopped the "bleeding" with my gambling and felt I had turned a corner (details to follow).

My world started to come crashing down shortly after I called a DJ that I had talked to the previous 10 years occasionally (Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto,), but we never met. We talked about everything; past relationships, employment, hobbies...

I tried to give her some encouragement on her new position / time slot at the radio station; all that I really could do:

                                           "Cunningham'sJohnston'sEdwards families went to work"
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

This group stole my past, destroyed my future, and entertained by my presence

I have lost my privacy, thanks to Jennifer Stoddart (Privacy Commissioner of Canada), and now I have to release more personal information to try to recover it.

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
                                        "After reading this post, how would you answer this question ?" 


"Do you think that this post would be of interest / value to an unaudited upstart gambling research government agency, and an associated university receiving the bulk of their research grant funds / money?"

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Second Question: How to take ownership of research material from someone who clearly would not ever give it up? (Read on, read on ......)

"Once the Cunningham'sJohnston'sEdwards were alerted to my living conditions and contact of a public identity, they knew they had the legal leverage and justification to attempt any experimental  psychology of their choosing."

"Justification provided ability to observe me in my difficult situation (3 - 6 months), and to conduct research on my life history, therefore identifying which individuals would be sympathetic to their overall needs."

"The purchase of Simon Williams and Christine Tardif-Williams through government resources, consequently provided liability fallback for an "intervention" defense, if I refused to cooperate."

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠ 

If I told you that I had Cancer, what would be your response?

If I told you that I had Paranoid Schizophrenia, what would be your response?

......................................... Exactly !

 Mother's who shave-off their child's hair for "cancer donations", versus a group that diagnosed an individual with "paranoid schizophrenic", for enormous potential of wealth and prestige? 

The mothers were faced / administered with jail time, while this group were all rewarded in varying degrees, financial and / or professional.

                                 Moral of the story?

                                  Purchase your local police department FIRST, then continue with due diligence.
If the Federal Government refuses to release an individual's medical records, it's likely because of two reasons:

A - National Security risk to the Canadian Government
B - Personal and financial gain for individuals within the Canadian government

Wanna guess which one this falls under?

"The administration and use of schizophrenic medication as an experimental cognitive therapy and punishment, enforced by the purchase of the local NRP Police "

                             "Cognitive behavioral therapy is a fraud, just like these clowns"
                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠ 
                               "Stroke of luck with the Edwards living across my sister, no?"      

Former ©Brock University BPhEd instructor Mary Ann Edwards scoops up another award

Judges of the Superior Court of Justice Brampton 7755 Hurontaio st.

Script Speech on cue:

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠ 

"The "Honourable" David L. Edwards should not only be removed from the bench, but disbarred from the Law Society of Upper Canada, as well."
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠   
"Edwards wouldn't have know whom my sister was, even if they ran over her with their car"

"The recent release and a future next post of sensitive material, you may justify for each blog page a  -
== Browser: Options: Save Page as: Webpage Complete:       -----       Just in case ..........$$$."

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠ 
 If I knew that I was in-line for a mega payday, albeit achieved under questionable circumstances,         I would be indulging in every charitable event possible. A little R&R:  Remunerate & Rewarded

medicine gone bad cancer card Dr. Graeme Cunningham

Friday, February 21, 2014

CPSO College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Medicine Gone Bad Dr. Graeme Cunningham Intervention Scandal

Who Would Have Suspected?

"First case in Canada (2001) where a person's medical files were confiscated and made inaccessible."

        Dr. Graeme Cunningham (an alcoholic), President of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
 (CPSO  PRESIDENT  1998 - 2004) 
"The contempt and the sense of self-entitlement that engulfed this man is incredulous."

12 Step Recovery program (Gamblers Anonymous), without direct interaction of the principal medical professionals involved? 

"Part of this 12 step program is to go back and make amends to all the people that helped this ©Brock University research group with their illegal research - LOL"

"If you can transparently convert a Canadian Citizen into a permanent medical patient, you will suppress all of their legal rights, consequently obtaining the ownership of their medical and life history data (commercial  / academic  research use)"

A intimate and profitable relationship developed between Gamblingresearch (Cunningham's), and Brock University (Johnstons & Edwards).

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

This is a story of three families, who individually, had influence on four government institutions and agencies:
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)
  • Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre (OPGRC)
  • Brock University
  • St. Catharines General Hospital / Psychiatric Ward
  • Law Firm (family law)  / Real Estate

These three families would be in-line for enormous wealth and prestige.

..................All that is missing from that list is one unlucky SOB..........

"I know, now you expect me to tell you that we have our house entrances visible to government cameras, 24 / 7, likely accessible via internet from anywhere, anytime  ......."

................Just saying

Collectively, these three families had enormous control and impact; including the Niagara Regional Police (NRP).

The NRP would become critical in the implementation of the research and providing security for the largest and most H.O.R.R.I.F.I.C.  research scandal ever attempted in Canada.

"The administration and use of schizophrenic medication as an experimental cognitive therapy and punishment, enforced by the purchase of the local NRP Police "

                             "Cognitive behavioral therapy is a fraud, just like these clowns"

                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠
"A lot to ask from someone living out of their car for 3 of 4 years?"

"The 3 distinct themes that encompass this blog is husband & wives employment, personal privacy sold via Jennifer Stoddart's Privacy Commissioner's Office, and ©Brock University using the NRP to protect it's illegal research."
 "Only at ©Brock University where nepotism is considered fashionable & cute"

Coincidentallythe Edwards were "instrumental" in recruiting the present duo of ©Brock University President (2006 ++) Dr. Jack Lightstone, and his wife.  His wife conveniently employed and working as a psychologist (Dorothy Markiewicz ©Brock University PSY)

................Just saying

These three families would be in-line for enormous wealth and prestige.

                                                "DJ's influential brother & wife the fourth family?"

It all started with:

The Cunningham'sJohnston's& Edwards cleverly skewed any ethical, legal, or medical regulations by purchasing the cooperation and the association of ©Brock University's Simon Williams  (Bankruptcy Discharged ) and Christine Tardif-Williams, through government resources.

"The same Simon & Christine that were scamming an elderly Brock prof as students?    Correct !"  
"The same elderly Brock prof that was named Nancy Johnston?                                           Correct !"  
"The same Johnston whose husband diagnosed me with "paranoid schizophrenia"?     Correct !"
"The same Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston that had me admitted to the psych ward after I filed a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)?              Correct !"
"The same presiding CPSO president (Dr. Graeme Cunningham an alcoholic), who publicly self-proclaimed himself as a "scumbag" (Link::The White Badge of Courage)?  Correct !"
"The same Dr. Graeme Cunningham who helped staff the start-up of Ontario Gambling Reeearch Centre (OPGRC), that was dispersing millions in research funds            Correct !"
"The same OPGRC staff that included lead researcher  Dr. John A. CunninghamPhD in experimental psychology, who received over a million dollars in research funds           Correct !"
"The same OPGRC funds that employed Lisa Root, who sent a fax to my family doctor on the same day I was prescribed "Trifluoperazine", prior to a schizophrenic diagnosis?        Correct !"
"The same OPGRC government agency that poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to  ©Brock University?                                                                                        Correct !"
"The same ©Brock University that had David L. Edwards as a ©Brock University trustee and his wife Mary Ann Edwards as a former instructor?                                                     Correct !"
"The same David L. Edwards who my sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia" ?                                           Correct !"

This is what was waiting for me after living out of my car for three out of four years. Revealing any of this sooner (especially pre-blogging era, plus more believe it or not), would not have been considered as in  "my best interests".

The irony of Dr. Graeme Cunningham (CPSO president) disciplining medical doctors for professional misconduct, while at the same time engineering the largest research scandal in Canadian history.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham appeared desperate to elevate the psychology profession (PSY) as a whole, specifically the male psychologist component (John & Charles?), in which women make up 80 % of the profession.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham also identified the "back door" to the medical profession; any four years of university plus one in PhD psychology equals Doctor (Andrew Dane, Heather Chalmers, Nancy Johnston, Rob Simpson = CEO,...).

"Purchase unqualified help for maximum loyalty"

Dr. Graeme Cunningham also provided an opportunity for a third-tier university (©Brock University), to be seated & enter the high stakes game of research (big money & prestige), with the larger upper echelon universities. 

I would argue that being an alcoholic doctor is as relevant to an addiction specialist, as for myself living out of my car for 3 of 4 years and claiming to be a mechanic

These blogs speak for themselves!

I created these blogs to store my legal documents, because things tended to get "lost" regarding my case files. I had absolutely no idea what I was involved in, or how far deep of a scam I had fallen into.
"It's like a doctor performing surgery on themselves only to find out it's terminal."
I also used  quotations to break up the monotony in reading a lot of dry material; unavoidable in these blogs (blog posts randomly updated at times).

Vanity plates that you can figure out.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham & Potential Financial Backers Link

"Very influential political connections & proficient legal counsel"

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
Dr. Graeme Cunningham, the pseudo-psychology research group and their affiliated associations (OPGRC, ©Brock University, CAMHMcMaster University, University of TorontoCanada Research Chairs), are in possession and usage of illegally obtained research material.
Dr. Graeme Cunningham

As a Canadian Citizen, I still retain ownership of the research material. 


medicine intervention research OPGRC

A Power of Attorney was required when interacting with individuals, government agencies, and employers at any time regarding "my best interests". The illegal Power of Attorney allowed this research group the ability to release any personal and medical information (fabricated $), for the purpose of the "intervention".

The illegal P.O.A was carefully crafted by an accommodating lawyer who very likely has ©Brock University roots. 

Any lawyer (and wife) that could pull off the legal maneuvers as suggested in these blogs (protect ©Brock UniversityCunningham'sJohnston's, OPGRC, & NRP Police),  would be rewarded handsomely. Only mobs and cartels would have lawyers of this cunning and resourcefulness.
 "Paranoid Schizophreniasure would come in handy in disguising the source of the medical professionals and possibly any potential financial backers."

 Best legal defense is "Delay", "Deny", "Devoid", rinse and repeat ......."Delay", "Deny", "Devoid", ......

"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"

"stunning / devastating revelation"

Dr. Graeme Cunningham medicine gone bad

  • This appointment caught me off-guard, reviewing his profile in family law and real estate only a few years back (added liability protection for research group©Brock University, and financial backer).
Ontario Superior Court of Justice Judge
  • Talk about "Lawyered-up"
"You can't blame lawyers and their clients for apprehension on their part, for someone who has already displayed a willingness to exceed legal boundaries and ethical limits, for personal carer gains.  Would a court ruling, that could affect the individual's projected career path, be compromised and placed in jeopardy?"
  • David L. Edwards law firm of Lancaster, Brooks & Welch helped "sponsor" the annual Rankin Cancer Run each May, since 2004 (which the Edwards host / linking).

"Filing a police complaint, from my inaccessible medical files, with David L. Edwards as designated public police watch dog ......."

Brock University Trustee OPGRC Research Grants
  • This "therapy" if completed, would have made an enormous impact on ©Brock University
Dr. Jack Lghtstone
  • The close and profitable relationship between OPGRC grants and  ©Brock University recipients (President Jack Lightstone), would have been another motivating factor in pursuing this "intervention"
  • Financial windfall await for the Cunningham'sJohnston's, & Edwards
  • My sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia"

OPGRC GUELPH DR. Dr. Graeme Cunningham

  • Mary Ann Edwards volunteered for the "Out of the Cold program"; possibly scouting for any potential "schizophrenics".
  • Curiously omitted in this interview, "One of the Pack" broke off from the satellite CIBC Cancer Run in St. Catharines (1997-2003), in order to start-up the Rankin Cancer Run in 2004.

"I shared an idea of starting my own event with my committee in 2004

Dr. Graeme Cunningham


College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

October 1998 – November 2004 (6 years 2 months)

"Eventually I will be filing one of the largest lawsuits ever recorded against a Canadian university: ©Brock University."
  • If these blogs or myself go missing by chance ............... just saying!

"Subpoenas for this aspiring power couple  David L. Edwards Mary Ann Edwards "

TV Auction

David L. Edwards St. Catharines


Bank Officer Signs Form With Illegal POA  

"©Brock University is well represented in this venture"

Medicine Gone Bad

Q: How many psychologists can you fit in a phone booth?
Dr. Graeme Cunningham
A: Throw a dollar in there and count'em

Go into any Canadian psychologist's office with just a free Canadian health card (OHIP), and see how fast they throw you out, unless you have an alternate payment plan. OHIP only covers fees from medical doctors.

CNN Story Link: Unlicensed professional, who led people to believe he was a medical doctor

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Looking back now, it all makes sense that I was purposefully drugged at my home on a Friday afternoon, after I had phoned to file a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

This research group knew that I would get upset and planned in advance of the NRP Police escort to the St. Catharines General Hospital emergency room.

Fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" Diagnosis, Dr. Ronald Johnston

"The Niagara Regional Police (NRP) were used freely throughout this whole ordeal for this venture." 

"Former NRP police chiefs employed as ©Brock University Campus Security Directors."

"The participation & use of the locaNRP Police would be critical to their success!"

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠

This  psychology research group initiated and executed research on myself (in a very difficult situation & w/o my consent), for an extended period of time (observed me for 3-6 months), while gorging on OPGRC research funds.
"Probably between the months of April 2001 and ending September of 2001 (diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia"  at St. Catharines General Hospital emergency room, no less), because Universities were out at that time. My difficult situation become more difficult towards the end."

This illegal research study is the main reason that I was put through everything written in these blogs.
"Once the Cunningham's live research component was completed in September, I was then "off-loaded" to the Johnston's & Edwards for management and control via the "paranoid schizophrenia"  diagnosis." 
"Notice that my family doctor, Dr. Teodorini, was purposely omitted from the initial diagnosis for liability issues and concerns."
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"Why would you want to become a professional gambler after everything you have been through?" 
- see Simon Williams post

"Would have been a total disaster for this pseudo group and if I was  able to overcome my gambling problem, and recover my losses (plus more). They would rather destroy my life first before letting that happen.

"stunning / devastating revelation" - see How Did I Miss This Critical Info? "Dr. Nancy Johnston "

"Achieved top 1 % percentile in world poker rankings"

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"Who could be a potential financial backer at the endgame, to make this time & effort all worthwhile?"

 102.1 the Edge: The source of all of this "therapy" started when I tried to help someone (encouragement in their new the Edge 102.1 position in 2001), that I had spoken with many times over a decade, but we never met. 

With the situation that I was in at the time (my car), I never considered anything other than trying to help them out, since I knew them reasonably well from our extended conversations. 

I mentioned to an established professional (early 90's), regarding a late night telephone conversation that I had over two hours long, with a radio personality; they will be able to confirm this.

If I only would have know who their "brother" was (believe his wife is a CNA nurse, as well), I wouldn't have considered making any contact with them in my situation. Both are very, very, well distinguished in the medical community.
                                               "DJ's influential brother & wife the fourth family?"

let's just say that I took the "hook, line, and sinker" that was thrown at me, and here I blog.

medicine Cutrara York faculty

Coincidentally, the radio station  the Edge 102.1 (including this particular individual), hosted music / dance nights in the city of Port Dalhousie / St. Catharines the following summer (Friday summer nights in 2002 & maybe 2003 ?)

Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Pattern recognition can be as simple as playing a song at the same time every day (example 1:00 PM).

Include portions of previous conversations with an individual, including added extensions such as "if your house has wheels ..........".


"For three out of four years, I lived out of my car. During most of that one year "off", I returned to St. Catharines and landscaped my mother's home from "Gothic" to "Miami" in about 6 months.  

It was something positive in nature that I wanted to accomplished during this hectic period. Here is the link to the house pics (before / after): Lisa Root ( / House Pics"

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"These posts will piss off a lot of people who have been rebuffed earlier, believing and told that this is all false ."