Thursday, December 4, 2014

This Shouldn't Surprise You, Should It?

"My rights & medical records were not the only thing suppressed in this ordeal"
"A Brock University grad / researcher was suspected of sexually abusing mentally challenged adults in their care. They were NEVER treated for their own childhood sexual abuse, at THAT time"
  • Childhood sexual abuse configuration was unique (more than 1 abuser  present)
  • Mentally Challenged sexual abuse allegations was also unique (innovative)
"No wonder people are recommended not to visit these blogs"

"Nancy Johnston knows who I am talking about, if she denies it , then she's lying"

Very convenient that this and other information, was prevented from being addressed during my initial phase of forced CBT. There was too much at stake to allow proper ethical and legal guidlines to take precedence.

After all these years, manipulated family members who are asked about Forced CBT by those in the know, respond with:
"It's working, It's working!"

Is it really that surprising from a profession called psychology, where those in their 40's can become "doctors" very easily? Better yet, any four years of university plus a one year psychology PhD?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Forced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) / Puzzle Psychology

                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠
Forced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Why did the psychology profession select you to validate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT & Play Therapy?

This "therapy" / Role-play is used with children since they have no choice.

 I was living out of my car, I had no choice.

What's it like to be subjected to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT ?

Humiliating? Embarrassing? Frustrating? Aggravating? You want more?

It's a farce; child's play; complete joke! You understand why they hid this "therapy" in the medical rulings; no one in their right mind would ever approve this absolute garbage!

Hang out with 5 year olds and play "pretend" with them; same "therapy" / Role-play.

How can Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT be implemented in large-scale?

Support of family members and local police are the two most critical components, since they will shield and protect participants from liability or retaliation.

Personal information must be released freely to participating individuals (Privacy Act ruling of "In My Best Interests"), and a term such as "cognitive distortion" would greatly simplify and justify CBT / Play Therapy; especially for those unfamiliar with the psychology profession as a whole.

How was this "therapy" ever allowed to be implemented in the first place?

Research group had built up a lot of goodwill and connections over the years, and it was time for them to get "paid"; especially a very elderly woman striving for lifelong recognition, who obtained her PhD in her 40's. (as Simon)

This elderly "doctor" would take me along into her grave, long before herself, her therapy, CBT, Brock University, and the psychology profession as a whole, was deemed a fraud / fraudulent.

How was this "therapy" slipped through all the safeguards that the Canadian medical system has in place, for fraudulent practices? 

The research group blocked access to my medical records (CPSO), which in turn provided them with:
  • Ability to convince everyone that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT is a valid and proven form of therapy
  • Privacy Act ruling of "In My Best Interests" forced participation, disguised this "therapy", and those administering as "doctors"
  • Prevented / denied myself from challenging the credibility of this"therapy", those individuals administering it, and whomever approved it from any government level

More Importantly, blocked access to my medical records gave:

Brock University based research group uncontested ownership of all research material on myself

These blogs hi-lite how lame the psychology profession really is !

Puzzle Psychology
                                                                             ♠ ♠ ♠
What is Puzzle Psychology?

Simple concept of doing research on an individual's past history of relationships (family, friends, employment, sexual), and combining that info with direct observation; direct interaction is avoided.

The results are then used to form an analysis and to help dictate the "appropriate" Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT.

What main factor enhances Puzzle Psychology?

Relationships with psych / medical professionals is the most important: 

  • Dated a psychologist
  • Simon and wife have PhD's in psychology
  • A co-worker's father was a psychiatrist
  • Dated a girl whose father was a psychologist (only STD I ever caught was from a cheating male psychologist's daughter (nurse now) - lol)
  • Girl that used to cut my hair has a masters in psychology
  • Dated a girl who is a nurse now
  • Very early on, dated a girl whose mom was a nurse and her best friend became a nurse
  • Briefly dated a girl whose father was a doctor
  • DJ whom I spoke to over 10 years but never met, has a very well respected brother as a  heart surgeon, and his wife a nurse
For an elderly "doctor", the opportunity to introduce themselves as a distinguished medical professional and obtain heightened status would be enormous.

Elderly doctor's fascination with my sexual history can only be best described in the post regarding Motion Detector  / Masturbation, in the Scandal Notes blog (updated Dec 1st).

As you can see, these medical employed individuals would be much valued in a puzzle psychology setup 

How effective is Puzzle Psychology?

Unknown, untested, and unproven; mainly because of this little thing called "illegal".

How accurate is Puzzle Psychology?

If you don't know what "pieces" you are missing, then you can never be "wrong" in your assessment; a flattering proposition.

Is Puzzle Psychology the ultimate form of research?

Most definitely! An enjoyable form of research that psychologists can only dream about.

How can Puzzle Psychology be implemented?

Personal information would have to be freely released regarding the live subject, as per Privacy Act that states "In My Best Interests".

Misguided  / manipulated family members would be critical in endorsing this "therapy" / Role-play as to protect all participants.

Local NRP Police Force would protect the researchers and those providing support; critical asset.

A lot of extra cash and potential career opportunities definitely won't hurt the cause

Still Updating ...................

Saturday, September 13, 2014

"Three out of Four Years", My Car, My Home

"I wasn't prepared for what it entailed, nor would I ever relinquish the experience"

"After reading this post, how would you answer the question at post's end?"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
Gambling was overtaking my life and I made a drastic decision:
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Sleep out of my car until I quit gambling or I had made it as a professional gambler (without telling anyone)
For three out of four years, I lived out of my car: White Honda Civic

"Neighbour's son removed both Honda Civics from my view after I posted the car on alternate blogs (they are fully aware of)"

It wasn't surprising that I had attracted a research group regarding my experiences.
Promote Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT.

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
From the Fall of 1997 to the Fall of 2001, I worked for 300 different companies; mostly through temporary agencies.

"Minimum Wage Hero"
 Worked at Manpower (September 1997 - 1998) for a year, prior to joining Labor Ready. I enjoyed the variety of jobs, employment volume, and cash paid daily that Labour Ready was able to provide (made the time go faster, maybe too fast?).

Hurontario St. Car pool 401 Mississauga
This letter of reference was required for the medical forms my sister (mother can't write), was filing out.

Labour Ready:
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
The older Labour Ready office (5150 Aimco Blvd in Mississauga), is where 99 % of my jobs were assigned from, before Labour Ready moved.

Labour Ready office (5150 Aimco Blvd in Mississauga

Manager Pauline Buckle, and likely assistant manager Brad, would remember me quite easily.

  • Labour Ready opened their offices every week day at 5:30 AM, with lineups starting at 5:00 AM usually (earlier during the bleak post Xmas season months January - March).
  • Barren industrial landscape at 5:00 AM, not even an open coffee shop close-by
  • Receiving a job order at 5:30 AM, the job likely starts around 8:00 AM or even later / evening PM shift
  • No jobs? Waiting list with priority to those with transportation and immediate contact # (pager / telephone)
  • Waiting at office for work, or option of going back to sleep in the car and wait if someone pages you
  • Employer requesting your return next day, allowed you to avoid next day's line-up job order @ 5;30 AM
  • Cash daily attracted some with drug or alcohol problems, out of jail, living outside, and regulars who worked steady jobs or job vagabonds (enjoyed randomness of employment and freedom to choose)
  • Good work ethics coupled with seniority enabled preferred job selections or call backs (very important during slow employment periods).
  • Hostess in Mississauga was my most frequent employer during the 4 years, driving a 26 FT truck delivering snacks to grocery stores all over the GTA (especially Christmas season - truck loading manager Kevin).  
  • I was the only one that wore a golf visor everyday to jobs, which covered the "bed head" & provided circulation
"No You Didn't" .......................................... "Yes I Did !!!! "
"Cunningham'sJohnston'sEdwards families, would not want anyone to know they conducted experimental psychology on someone living out of their car"
"Because of my medical records were blocked and I had no idea who or what was behind all this, retrieving documents for all my employment records was not a priority. Who would of thought that anyone would try to deny my car experience? A very "Ruthless" group, is all I can say!"

Living in St. Catharines and commuting back and forth to Labour Ready everyday would have been impossible
(financial suicide) :

- I was only making $6.85 per hour
- Employment was not guaranteed, volatile, and unpredictable at various times
- Jobs would only guarantee 3 hours minimum pay if work completed early
- Gas costs from daily St. Catharines commute would have eaten half of my paycheck
- Wear and tear on my vehicle (oil consumption)
- Would of needed to leave St. Catharines at 4:00 AM everyday to get in line
- Would have returned to St. Catharines in rush hour traffic after 7:00 PM
- Winter weather / snow / extreme heat would have made it more difficult and risky of a commute
- I still had $300 in car and insurance payments each month to pay
- Continued stress on the family
- Even alternating between the two (car / St. Catharines), would have been a continuous & very stressful adjustment

The most important reason I didn't commute was that it defeated the whole purpose of what I was trying to do (avoid comfort).

Sleeping out of my car was uncomfortable and difficult; the WHOLE POINT !

Living Out of My Car:
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
The first week that I immersed myself in my car (Sept 1997), was arriving in Toronto and answering an ad for a temp agency:

  • Used my father's old bulky heavy construction boots; got laughed at (lol)
  • Worked at a furniture company and was completely broke until the following week's pay
  • Had only a loaf of bread and a bar of butter to survive on for the week
  • Job was located in the the Jane / Finch area of Toronto
  • Slept at a Hotel parking lot every night that was located across from the Police Station
  • Counted down the days to payday (with decreasing gas gauge), for a meal and a hot coffee.

Later on, I became more routine and resourceful in dealing with my situation and needs:

Food:  "A compromised luxury, but a necessity in heavy / hard labour jobs"

- Never once used the food bank because I never thought of it (lol)
- Aware of fast food deals (rewarded myself with a buffet at times)
- Loaf bread and a small daily Wendy's chili, lasts a couple of days until payday
- Groceries non-perishable (unless winter then trunk = refrigerator)
- Some jobs had cooking facilities so shopped beforehand
- Grocery deli's would reduce and over-fill purchases, at store scheduled PM closings
- Truck stops are always open, good food, and friendly truckers with many stories

Sleeping accommodations:  "A good day usually started with a good night's sleep"

- I could estimate the actual time overnight within 15 minutes, by listening to volume / pattern of 401 highway traffic
- Hotel parking lots, within reason
- Car pools with Hurontario St. / 401 my favorite spot
- Car's slightly tinted windows helped provide cover
- Black bed sheet spread out on top, used as cover for other blankets and for concealment
- Honda's back seat dropped inside car & instant  access to trunk  for changing clothes / storing bedding / food
- Slanted back seat was a pain at times on the back
- Fast food locations for quick naps
- Mall parking lots during business hours
- Previous jobs parking lots with 7 / 24 hour work  days
- Rain and snow was best cover for sleep anywhere / anytime
- Best $110 ever spent was a down-filled sleeping bag at an army surplus store (half a week's pay)
- Sleeping with a combo toque / face mask, gloves, and a heavy scarf, a must during the cold weather
- My sister came down once to Toronto and tried to arrange hotel accommodations for me **(I declined)**

Jobs: "Took and worked out my frustrations on my job, that's why I always did a great job"

- Between 1997-2001, Unions were very wary of temp agencies and union employees let you know quickly.
- If you worked too hard, you were showing up the regular workers
- If you did too good of a job, you would be offered a position in which you didn't want
- Temp jobs were primary source, although I did work at various companies for periods of time (Airport car Jockey)
- Always checked the newspapers for jobs
- Holidays and post Xmas very tough time
- Heavy lifting / back breaking jobs required public whirlpool
- If I knew I was in for a heavy back breaking job, I would take a couple of aspirins beforehand
- Dollar gloves with fingers cut off from knuckles, offered convenient hand protection without perspiration
- Midnight shifts worst time is 4:30 AM for falling asleep (standing is possible lol)
- Learned Tow Motor, loading trucks top request for jobs
- Common jobs - lumpers / order picking / delivery / cleanup / assembly
- After working at 300 companies, you get to be very good in almost every situation
- Avoided sharing rides to hide living conditions and messing up my "home" with mud, dirt, ....

Hygiene: "Least difficult problem that I had to solve"

- Used public swimming facilities for their whirlpool, sauna, and showers
- Gas stations rest rooms and food courts for washrooms and brushing teeth
- Arrived early at job sites to use facilities
- Laundromat for washing clothes (always had a laundry bag in trunk for dirty clothes - lol)
- Value Village for great deals on winter clothes
- Black plastic work pants & jackets shield cold wind & rain / dirt / chemicals  / quick change / protect regular clothes
- Sleeping with the flu in -20 Celsius works as long as you stayed covered, ate, and a shot of Canadian Club

Weather: "Just another unpredictable obstacle that I had to deal with"

- Difficult at times to shield from, especially during holidays or off business hours
- Cold to -50 Celsius windchill (trust me when I say that's F'n cold)
- Cold weather had to conserve gas at times including middle of night
- Humidity reaching +50 Celsius (heat was draining and caused inability to sleep)
- Windy (thought my car was going to flip over)
- Rain storms / snow storms weather was actually good for sleeping conditions
- Coldest time of the night was 4:30 AM, that would wake you up earlier than you expected for the day
- If you could see your breathe early in the morning, dress fast, like really really fast

Sexual Encounters / Parking Spacing: "a lot goes on in those parking lots you never knew about"

- There are "special" ladies that visit men mostly in cars (like truckers)
- Numerous couples having quickies in parking lots beside me while trying to sleep
- Noticed mostly men on men usually like the mall parking lots
- Amazed and pissed off that there are countless empty parking spots, yet people need to park beside an existing car
- Dodging for cover when an unexpected car parks beside me while trying to catch sleep from work
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
"I had a pager so that I could usually be reached for employment"
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Christmas 1998:
"In 1998, woke up Christmas morning in a car pool parking lot, surrounded by 2 feet of snow"

- I was the only car left from going to sleep the night before
- I hadn't talked to my family in 6  months
- My sister says she paged me but "seems" wrong number that she dialed
- Headed off to truck stop for a meal (truckers always have a good story to share)

Nintendo 64 (N64) $400 Purchase:
"Wanted to get my nephew for Xmas a N64 while his mother was buying him second hand clothes"

- In 1997, worked double shifts at a bakery ( 6 days / 2 weeks / min wage  6.85 hr )
- Rented a hotel room after I purchased the N64 and slept for 18 hours straight (Sat noon- Sun noon)
- Nephew had the N64 before his friends  (neighbor across Edwards'), whose dad worked at GM
- Extra games, controller,and memory pack hit about $400 total

Public Speaking:
"Nephew was failing his public school class until I found out it was related to his fear of public speaking"

- After work each night, I went to various Chapters stores and researched Supernova
- Created a Supernova magic trick in which he placed Star elements into bag and pulled out a new Star
- Returned to St. Catharines to coach him up on his presentation
- Nephew finished 3rd overall in the whole school for public speaking presentations
- Former Maplewood Public School now The Greek Community Orthodox Church

"Sister was worried about my nephew being bullied"

- Kids in grade 5 can have various reasons for outbursts
- I was pissed off since my sister would object always to our play fighting
- Play fighting can defuse situations for some kids that some may perceive as a threat
- I wrestled with him to diminish any fear of contact
- Explained to my nephew to just kick back if he got kicked and I would intervene with the teacher if needed
- I then realized after that he just wanted to be friends and that was his way of engaging with others
- Once my nephew invited him for video games, they became friends
- The other boy was a Police Officer's son whose parents were divorced

"Survived and gambled when I could"

- Library, coffee shops, race track and simulcast centers
- Horse racing gambling simulcasts only started late into my car immersion
- Watch NHL playoffs in bars or at race tracks locations
- Bought small used portable hand held TV / car adapter (died quickly like the Leafs lol)

- Stress of keeping my lifestyle hidden and looking for work consistently, took it's mental toll
- Sleeping outside and getting paid cash daily wasn't always the smartest thing to do

- Minimum wage jobs were always the ones no one else wanted to do, so physically it took it's toll
- Believe what the onsite job posters say, "Proper lifting techniques does work at work" - (lol)

"I noticed changes in the last few months of my car experience, more stressful - I was being set-up"

I stopped the "bleeding" with my gambling and felt I had turned a corner (details to follow).

My world started to come crashing down shortly after I called a DJ that I had talked to the previous 10 years occasionally (Calgary, Hamilton, Toronto,), but we never met. We talked about everything; past relationships, employment, hobbies...

I tried to give her some encouragement on her new position / time slot at the radio station; all that I really could do:
"Once the Cunningham'sJohnston'sEdwards were alerted to my living conditions and contact of a public identity, they knew they had the legal leverage and justification to attempt any experimental  psychology of their choosing."
                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

This group stole my past, destroyed my future, and entertained by my presence

I have lost my privacy, thanks to Jennifer Stoddart (Privacy Commissioner of Canada), and now I have to release more personal information to try to recover it.

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
                                        "After reading this post, how would you answer this question ?" 


"Do you think that this post would be of interest / value to an unaudited upstart gambling research government agency, and an associated university receiving the bulk of their research grant funds / money?"

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠

Second Question: How to take ownership of research material from someone who clearly would not ever give it up? (Read on, read on ......)

Friday, February 21, 2014

CPSO College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Who Would Have Suspected?

"First case in Canada (2001) where a person's medical files were confiscated and made inaccessible."
        Dr. Graeme Cunningham (an alcoholic), President of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
 (CPSO  PRESIDENT  1998 - 2004) 
All you need to know:

The Cunningham'sJohnston's& Edwards cleverly skewed any ethical, legal, or medical regulations by purchasing the cooperation (through government resources).and the association of:

©Brock University's Simon Williams  (Bankruptcy Discharged ) and Christine Tardif-Williams
"The same Simon & Christine that were scamming an elderly Brock prof as students?                    Correct !" 
"The same elderly Brock prof that was named Nancy Johnston?                                                    Correct !"
 "The same Johnston whose husband diagnosed me with "paranoid schizophrenia"?                      Correct !"
"The same Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston that had me admitted to the psych ward after I filed a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)?                                                       Correct !"
 "The same presiding CPSO president (Dr. Graeme Cunningham an alcoholic), who publicly self-  proclaimed himself as a "scumbag" (Link::The White Badge of Courage)?                                    Correct !"
 "The same Dr. Graeme Cunningham who helped staff the start-up of Ontario Gambling Reeearch Centre (OPGRC), that was dispersing millions in research funds                                                                Correct !" 
"The same OPGRC staff that included lead researcher  Dr. John A. CunninghamPhD in experimental psychology, who received over a million dollars in research funds                                               Correct !"
"The same OPGRC funds that employed Lisa Root, who sent a fax to my family doctor on the same day I was prescribed "Trifluoperazine", prior to a schizophrenic diagnosis?                                        Correct !"
"The same OPGRC government agency that poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to  ©Brock University?                                                                                                                  Correct !"
"The same ©Brock University that had David L. Edwards as a ©Brock University trustee and his wife Mary Ann Edwards as a former instructor?                                                                             Correct !"
"The same David L. Edwards who my sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia" ?                                                              Correct !"  

"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"

"stunning / devastating revelation"
                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
Dr. Graeme Cunningham, the pseudo-psychology research group and their affiliated associations (OPGRC, ©Brock University, CAMHMcMaster University, University of TorontoCanada Research Chairs), are in possession and usage of illegally obtained research material.
As a Canadian Citizen, I still retain ownership of the research material. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Did I Miss This Critical Info? "Dr. Nancy Johnston "

"Final piece of the puzzle brought to you by Johnston & Johnston"   
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

"Paid a very high price the last 10 years, with the possibility of making this Johnston's connection"

 Surprise! Surprise ! 

Dr. Nancy Johnston's husband is:

If you ask Nancy Johnston about these blogs, she will say It's juts the work of a "paranoid schizophrenic", and rightly so. She should know, since it was her husband who diagnosed me with the "illne$$"

"stunning / devastating revelation"
"I would have no ability to confirm or verify all the OHIP billings that were attributed to me through doctors (specifically the Johnstons), since my medical records are inaccessible."
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

Fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" Diagnosis, Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston Link

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Privacy Act Section 25, 26, 28: "Anything Goes Intervention"

" Absolutely anything, especially when it comes to liability protection" 

  • "Anything Goes Intervention" and corresponding liability protection, has been on the back burner for a while, waiting to be utilized ("Barriers to treatment for problem gamblers in Ontario" ) ?

LeRoy Central School District: "PANDAS or Mass Hysteria?"

Dr. Trifiletti: "Honest opinion?" He asked. "It's absolute garbage. I don't believe it one bit."
                                                                                      ♠ ♠ ♠ 

"LeRoy Mystery Illness Symptoms May Be Spreading Through Social Media"    


"This is what happens when you allow psychologists unhindered authority" 

Surprise! Surprise !  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Psychiatrists, but not Psychologists, can Diagnose Illnesses ..."

"Not surprising. If the Canadian Health System (OHIP) won't recognize psychologists, why should the courts?"

"psychologists were not, according to the arbitrator, authorized to diagnose illnesses."  
  • "Qu├ębec arbitrator under Canada Labour Code finds psychiatrists, but not psychologists, can diagnose gambling addiction."  Article Link Here
Interesting to note that "psychologist" was used as a possible explanation as the ruling in not releasing my medical records.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dr. Teodorini's Fax Request From Lisa Root (8/23/01)

"This fax alone is worth $$$ in liability damages in my inaccessible medical file"                                          
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

  • In 2001, I was repeatedly told to make an appointment with Lisa Root 
  • After receiving my signature on consent forms with Dr. Teodorini, she never returned my calls
  • Lisa Root has been on the payroll with since early 2000        
"stunning / devastating revelation"

Lisa Root OPGRC grant funding:

2000 - 200 K Grant
2002 - 170 K Grant
2002 - 193 K Grant
2003 - 360 K Grant
  • Money & research grants was free flowing at Gamblingresearch during my "schizophrenia" onset in 2001
2007 - 10 K Grant
2007 -   6 K Grant

Notice that my family doctor (Dr. Teodorini), was purposely omitted from the initial diagnosis for liability issues.

Trifluoperazine prescribed  (Dr. Shukla Visit ) before the actual schizophrenia diagnosis? "Good one" Gamblingresearch
  • Date of this fax was identical to the date of the hospital visit with Dr. Shukla, prescribing "Trifluoperazine"

Dr. Simon Williams, PhD & Dr. Christine Tardif-Williams

"Paranoid Schizophrenia has been very good to Simon & Christine"   
                                                                                   ♠ ♠ ♠
During this time, my sister became concerned for my well-being:
"She asked Simon Williams, a student at the time, for help. Simon responded that he could have me "locked up" if she wanted. My sister ** declined **."

"The Best of the Psychology Profession on display' 
Simon Williams (Bankruptcy Discharged), and Christine Tardif-Williams

You could see at an early stage of Simon's career, his quest to have the authority and respect of a medical doctor. It's now obvious regarding his connections to a psych ward for the good docta.
Three outstanding / major concerns with Simon Williams that I was aware of, should have been dealt with prior to Simon being rewarded professionally by the Brock University research group.

My concern was that I never knew where Simon Williams was fixated in this "therapy" in revealing information.
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
Psychological Duet:

Simon & Christine would ALWAYS be well taken care of by the CunninghamsJohnstons, & Edwards.
" They were critical in liability protection and would be rewarded accordingly. Review their careers, employment, and perks and you will understand what I mean. 
Access to Dr. Graeme Cunningham /  McMaster University world renowned  Offord Centre for Child Studies
  • Questionable weekly transactions with Dr. Nancy Johnston, who gave Simon employment involving manual clinical analysis tabulation (prof's automated software diskette??? located in desk drawer), while Simon & Christine were living together as students.
  • Unwarily submitted this info in original Privacy Commissioner communication documents in 2003, to exhibit incompetence and mistrust in the group as a whole 
I copied the following faculty profile of Nancy Johnston (©Brock University) years ago. 
"stunning / devastating revelation"

When I called U of T student Simon Williams from a telephone booth in Toronto, after 3 minutes into the call, he declared that I was suffering from "Cognitive Distortion". .
"Simon Williams dropped out of the Electronics Technician program at Niagara College, because it was too challenging for him. Simon Williams graduated with a doctorate in psychology from Brock University."
                                                                              ♠ ♠ ♠
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in St. Catharines

Katharine Somogyvari Baylis 
  • Kathy used to cut my hair while she attended ©Brock University
  • Shared some classes with Simon Williams

John A. Cunningham, Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology

"The  man men puts the "cunning" into the Cunningham's.....a subpoena anyone?"                                              
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

experimental psychology


John Cunningham (aka Dr. John A. Cunningham - Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology University of Toronto)
  •  Does not mention his past position as Lead Researcher at
  • Obtained over a million dollars in grant research
  • Additional Individual 500 K grant removed by

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homewood Health Centre "Cognitive Distortion"

"Dr. Graeme Cunningham was the Director of the Addiction Division"
  • Homewood Health Centre was the previous employment of Robert I. Simpson (CEO of Gamblingresearch), where he was a part-time teaching assistant at McMaster University (they had both worked there)
  • "Cognitive Distortion" is a catchy phrase

NRP Police & Privacy Commissioner's Office of Canada

"Intimidation, provocation, and threats was always part of their game"
Tried to file a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada about being denied access to my medical files
  • 3 NRP Police Officers were called in as a form of intimidation
Before the officers left, I demanded to be charged with something for a copy of my records.
  • Officer Sawyer charged me with "Trespassing", in which I never received any further notice from the NRP Police.
  • Two weeks later, I received a letter from the Privacy Inquiries Officer Aaron J. Sawyer

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Privacy Commissioner's Office of Canada Blatant Obstruction

"If you are going to get the runaround, why not from the office that's supposed to represent you?"
I copied (CC) the Privacy Commissioner on all of my registered letters, courier delivery, and the many faxes (overnight), in all of my correspondence. I was denied access to Jennifer Stoddart.

  • Sole purpose was to delay and deny any information that I requested about my medical files
"Return to sender, address unknown. No such number, no such zone "

Q: How hard is it to get a registered letter delivered to the Privacy Commissioner's Office of Canada?

A: If you are me, it takes 2 registered letters and then finally by courier.

Official Privacy Commissioner of Canada Documents

"It's amazing how one little office can have so much impact in one's life"
Louise Boileau was promoted to a University in Montreal (Select and Click to Zoom In  Text)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Medicine Gone Bad

"Such a long time coming and painful first post"

**Note**: Access to my medical records is BLOCKED by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Invoking section 25,26,28). My medical records were suppressed in File 5100-13465/001 that was concluded on March 5, 2004 by Gerald Neary (Investigations Branch), without Jennifer Stoddart's (Canada's Privacy Commissioner) SIGNATURE!....... I was DENIED access to her!
Copies of this Privacy Commissioner letter are in various government offices (and individuals) in St. Catharines, that I have submitted.
"Medicine Gone Bad" = Psychological RESEARCH/Intervention
St. Catharines, Ontario (Grantham Plaza) - Brock University - C.M.H.A / C.A.M.H
Sooner or later a Psych (Psychiatrist/Psychologist) was going to abuse the concept of "Intervention", weren't they? It's all too inviting for practical research, yet safe enough for limited legal liability.

Lets begin.......

A Government Psych specializing in addictions and mental disorders (C.M.H.A / C.A.M.H), identifies a common link within these two specialties, cleverly creating an invasive "therapy"; without the need to directly deal with the patient ( "not getting your hands dirty" )

The "RESEARCH/Intervention " consists of 3 main tactics:

1- Obtain a Power Of Attorney over the patient without his consent, participation, or knowledge, under the flag of "cognitive distortion". Without the patient's participation, they can create / submit any arguments to be presented to the judge without any legal challenges (confidential $$$ lawyer ? confidential judge ? ) ; permits the ability to implement a Punishment /reward technique (demoralizing) without any legal restrictions or supervision (unlimited funding ?)

**The Psych convinces the patients fragmented family, 65 year old mother, 10 year old nephew and his divorced sister (who rented across the incredibly "swank" and "beautiful" home of MARY ANN EDWARDS ( ex-Brock gym instructor ) and her husband DAVID L. EDWARDS ( lawyer / Past Chair - Board of Trustees - Brock University / Member Ontario Civilian Police Commission )), to move in together. They comply and obey to the "Doctor's" credentials, contacts, and financial gifts.

2- Have the patient diagnosed with a "mental disorder" to silence any legal claims and/or abuse. Allows the Psych to implement his psychological methods without outside interference.

**The Psych use sleep deprivation as one of the initial techniques until he is "convinced" to be taken to St. Catharines General hospital (2001) and conveniently diagnosed with a "mental illness" (hint: Hallucination type; "forced" to consume "prescribed" corresponding medication for "cognitive" purposes )

3- Psych uses the resources of Brock University and the Cooperation of the patient's old friend SIMON WILLIAMS and future wife CHRISTINE TARDIF-WILLIAMS, both completing their Ph.D in Psychology (U of T - 2001/02). These two Brock graduates are rewarded with teaching gigs (@Brock - her since 2001/02, him Stipend at 2007/08?) at the university.

**Psych also uses Brock's graduates and those who know the patient (directly/indirectly) called "Linking" to reduce liability; very important to a CEO  of a company!
" Right to Representation "
Soldiers who died to defend those Rights!