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Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Who Would Have Suspected?

"First case in Canada where a person's medical files were confiscated and made inaccessible. Not surprisingly, the use of the psychology "profession"

"Would you trust any doctor(s) that confiscates medical records?"

                                                                                   ♠ ♠ ♠
 Dr. Graeme Cunningham (an alcoholic), President of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO 1998 - 2004) 

"If you can transparently convert a Canadian Citizen into a permanent medical patient, you will suppress all of their legal rights, consequently obtaining the ownership of their medical and life history data (commercial  / academic  research use)"

12 Step Recovery program (Gamblers Anonymous), without direct interaction of the principal medical professionals involved?

The contempt and the sense of self-entitlement that engulfed this man is incredulous.

The Cunningham'sJohnston's& Edwards cleverly skewed any ethical, legal, or medical regulations by purchasing the cooperation and the association of ©Brock University's Simon Williams  (Bankruptcy Discharged ) and Christine Tardif-Williams, through government resources.
"The same Simon & Christine that were scamming an elderly Brock prof as students?    Correct !"  
"The same elderly Brock prof that was named Nancy Johnston?                                           Correct !"  
"The same Johnston whose husband diagnosed me with "paranoid schizophrenia"?     Correct !"
"The same Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston that had me admitted to the psych ward after I filed a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO)?              Correct !"
"The same presiding CPSO president (Dr. Graeme Cunningham an alcoholic), who publicly self-proclaimed himself as a "scumbag" (Link::The White Badge of Courage)?  Correct !"
"The same Dr. Graeme Cunningham who helped staff the start-up of Ontario Gambling Reeearch Centre (OPGRC), that was dispersing millions in research funds            Correct !"
"The same OPGRC staff that included lead researcher  Dr. John A. CunninghamPhD in experimental psychology, who received over a million dollars in research funds           Correct !"
"The same OPGRC funds that employed Lisa Root, who sent a fax to my family doctor on the same day I was prescribed "Trifluoperazine", prior to a schizophrenic diagnosis?        Correct !"
"The same OPGRC government agency that poured in hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to  ©Brock University?                                                                                        Correct !"
"The same ©Brock University that had David L. Edwards as a ©Brock University trustee and his wife Mary Ann Edwards as a former instructor?                                                     Correct !"
"The same David L. Edwards who my sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia" ?                                           Correct !"

This is what was waiting for me after living out of my car for three out of four years. Revealing any of this sooner (especially pre-blogging era, plus more believe it or not), would not have been considered as in  "my best interests".

Let's just say a final admission to a Hamilton Psych Ward would have been a very good bet to cash!

The irony of Dr. Graeme Cunningham (CPSO president) disciplining medical doctors for professional misconduct, while at the same time engineering the largest research scandal in Canadian history.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham appeared desperate to elevate the psychology profession as a whole, specifically the male psychologist component (John & Charles?), in which women make up 80 % of the profession.

Dr. Graeme Cunningham also identified the "back door" to the medical profession; any four years of university plus one in PhD psychology equals Doctor (Dane, Chalmers, Johnston, Simpson = CEO,...).

It's becoming clear that Dr. Graeme Cunningham is the "darling"  of the medical community; feel good story of an alcoholic doctor overcoming alcoholism, to become an addiction specialist (a story line he used to his advantage).

I would argue that being an alcoholic doctor is as relevant to an addiction specialist, as for myself living out of my car for 3 of 4 years and claiming to be a mechanic

These blogs speak for themselves!

I created these blogs to store my legal documents, because things tended to get "lost" regarding my case files. I had absolutely no idea what I was involved in, or how far deep of a scam I had fallen into.
"It's like a doctor performing surgery on themselves only to find out it's terminal."
I also used  quotations to break up the monotony in reading a lot of dry material; unavoidable in these blogs.
Dr. Graeme Cunningham & Potential Financial Backers Link

"Very influential political connections & proficient legal counsel"

Any lawyer (and wife) that could pull off the legal maneuvers as suggested in these blogs (protect ©Brock UniversityCunningham'sJohnston's, OPGRC, & NRP Police),  would be rewarded handsomely. Only mobs and cartels would have lawyers of this cunning and resourcefulness.
 "Paranoid Schizophreniasure would come in handy in disguising the source of the medical professionals and possibly any potential financial backers."
Understandably, this "Pseudo-Psychology" based research group and it's associates had no fear of any retribution, while administering "experimental cognitive behavior therapy" at an unprecedented level.

                                                                               ♠ ♠ ♠
Dr. Graeme Cunningham, the pseudo-psychology research group and their affiliated associations (OPGRC, ©Brock University, CAMHMcMaster University, University of TorontoCanada Research Chairs), are in possession and usage of illegally obtained research material.

As a Canadian citizen, I still retain ownership of the research material which will be detailed in the next post. You will understand the intrigue of my situation that perked the curiosity and interests of the Cunningham'sJohnston's, & Edwards, for financial and research purposes.
"For three out of four years, I immersed myself in a very difficult situation. During most of that one year "off", I returned to St. Catharines and landscaped my mother's home from "gothic" to "Miami" in about 6 months.  It was something positive in nature that I wanted to accomplished during this hectic period. Here is the link to the house pics (before / after): Lisa Root ( / House Pics"
Best legal defense is "Delay", "Deny", "Devoid", rinse and repeat ......."Delay", "Deny", "Devoid", ......

A Power of Attorney was required when interacting with individuals, government agencies, and employers at any time regarding "my best interests". The illegal Power of Attorney allowed this research group the ability to release any personal and medical information (fabricated $), for the purpose of the "intervention".
"Releasing my personal information publicly would help obscure the source of the research group©Brock University, and the Cunningham's, Johnston's, & Edwards."

The illegal P.O.A was carefully crafted by an accommodating lawyer who very likely has ©Brock University roots. 

"David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice - 2012"

medicine gone bad

  • This appointment caught me off-guard, reviewing his profile in family law and real estate only a few years back (added liability protection for research group©Brock University, and financial backer).
  • Talk about "Lawyered-up"

  • This "therapy" if completed, would have made an enormous impact on ©Brock University
Dr. Jack Lghtstone
  • The close and profitable relationship between OPGRC grants and  ©Brock University recipients (President Jack Lightstone), would have been another motivating factor in pursuing this "intervention"
  • Financial windfall await for the Cunningham'sJohnston's, & Edwards
  • My sister rented across from the Edwards home during the unfortunate onset of my 2001 "paranoid schizophrenia"

"Eventually I will be filing one of the largest lawsuits ever recorded against a Canadian university: ©Brock University."
  • If these blogs or myself go missing by chance ....... just saying!
"Subpoenas for David L. Edwards & Mary Ann Edwards "

David L. Edwards St. Catharines


Bank Officer Signs Form With Illegal POA  

"©Brock University is well represented in this venture"

Q: How many psychologists can you fit in a phone booth?
Dr. Graeme Cunningham
A: Throw a dollar in there and count'em

Go into any Canadian psychologist's office with just a free Canadian health card (OHIP), and see how fast they throw you out, unless you have an alternate payment plan. OHIP only covers fees from medical doctors.

CNN Story Link: Unlicensed professional, who led people to believe he was a medical doctor

                                                                                  ♠ ♠ ♠
Looking back now, it all makes sense that I was purposefully drugged at my home on a Friday afternoon, after I had phoned to file a complaint to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. This research group knew that I would get upset and planned in advance of the NRP Police escort to the St. Catharines General Hospital emergency room.

Fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" Diagnosis, Dr. Ronald Johnston

What an incredibly profitable, entertaining, and empowering "therapy" concept for a group of scammers pseudo-psychology researchers. Especially true for an elderly  ©Brock University Associate Professor (Play Therapy Training / with very little published credentials, if any), with a lot of free time on her hands and years to burn (Nancy Johnston).
"The Niagara Regional Police (NRP) were used freely throughout this whole ordeal for this ventureFormer NRP police chiefs employed as ©Brock University Campus Security Directors."

Nancy Johnston Link

"Johnston's NRP Police connections has provided them with a potential lucrative payoff"

"The participation & use of the locaNRP Police would be critical to their success!"

                                          ♠ ♠ ♠
Absolutely no justification in devising research at this degree and invasiveness, regardless of their desire or ability to manufacture a purpose.

This  psychology research group initiated and executed research on myself (in a very difficult situation & w/o my consent), for an extended period of time (observed me for 3-6 months), while gorging on OPGRC research funds.
"Probably between the months of April 2001 and ending September of 2001 (diagnosed with "paranoid schizophrenia"  at St. Catharines General Hospital emergency room, no less), because Universities were out at that time. My difficult situation become more difficult towards the end."
This illegal research study is the main reason that I was put through everything written in these blogs.
"Once the Cunningham's live research component was completed in September, I was then "off-loaded" to the Johnston's for management and control via the "paranoid schizophrenia"  diagnosis. Notice that my family doctor, Dr. Teodorini, was purposely omitted from the initial diagnosis for liability issues and concerns."

Heather Chalmers Research Group Including Lisa Root (See Fax Request)

"©Brock University part-time PhD graduate Heather Chalmers promoted to OPGRC
Board of Directors. Safe to assume Lisa Root, MSc is a ©Brock University graduate?

Andrew Dane  (Bachelor of Arts - Queen's University, PhD Toronto) - Brock University Joined Lisa Root in 5 of her 6 OPGRC grant receipts

Jennifer McPhee (HonBA, Psychology) - Brock University Appears in all 6 of her OPGRC grant receipts

David L. Edwards appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Justice

                                                                           ♠ ♠ ♠
"Research group always aware of my activities " - see NRCS Obstruction post re Nancy Johnston

"Recovery from problem gambling without formal treatment" - see John Cunningham post

"Why would you want to become a professional gambler after everything you have been through?" 
- see Simon Williams post
"Would have been a total disaster for this pseudo group and if I was  able to overcome my gambling problem, and recover my losses (plus more). They would rather destroy my life first before letting that happen.
"Some are in the opinion that receiving profits from gamblers for government coffers or research purposes is all good, but sermonize against individuals who can personally profit from or recover their wagering losses through gambling..Hypocrisy has always been the staple of this research group."

"stunning / devastating revelation" - see "Carte Blanche" Says Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner post

                                                                       ♠ ♠ ♠
"Who could be a potential financial backer at the endgame, to make this time & effort all worthwhile?"

 102.1 the Edge: The source of all of this "therapy" started when I tried to help someone (encouragement in their new the Edge 102.1 position in 2001), that I had spoken with many times over a decade, but we never met. With the situation that I was in at the time (my car), I never considered anything other than trying to help them out, since I knew them reasonably well from our extended conversations. 

I mentioned to an established professional (early 90's), regarding a late night telephone conversation that I had over two hours long, with a radio personality; they will be able to confirm this.

If I only would have know who their "brother" was, I wouldn't have considered making any contact with them in my situation.

let's just say that I took the "hook, line, and sinker" that was thrown at me, and here I blog.

Coincidentally, the radio station  the Edge 102.1 (including this particular individual), hosted music / dance nights in the city of Port Dalhousie / St. Catharines the following summer (Friday summer nights in 2002 & maybe 2003 ?)

                                                                         ♠ ♠ ♠
Next post will be based on details of my difficult situation in which I lived three out of four years out of my car in Toronto & GTA. Ask any researcher what the research value of this experience would be worth, especially for an upstart government agency specializing in gambling research (OPGRC). 

The very last post will be dedicated to the namesake of this blog, who I had no idea of when I created it. Since he enjoys receiving awards, I will dedicate one to him. Also included is a gambling pseudonym (ranked top half percent in 2012 world rankings under difficult circumstances), dedicated to a few individuals at ©Brock University but unsuspectingly ensnared many. 

The proof of gambling ability was to no avail (understand now why). Note that the unraveling of this mess under this group's careful watch would not have been considered as in  "my best interests"
"When you have the NRP Police and the CPSO President in your back pocket.......$$$"
"These posts will piss off a lot of people who have been rebuffed earlier, believing and told that this is all false ."

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Carte Blanche" Says Jennifer Stoddart, Privacy Commissioner

"Privacy Act Sections 25,26, & 28 cleverly provided this Pseudo-Psychology Group with Anonymity & Empowerment. "
"I had no idea that Mental Health was such a lucrative business"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
The fierce competition for PhD research grants and employment opportunities can reduce this psychologist group to the equivalent of "ambulance chasers" of the medical profession.
"There is a blurred line between the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of a Canadian citizen, and the assumed rights of a medical patient. This group zeroed in on the nebulous distinction between the two."                                              
The theme that encompasses this blog is "incompetence and greed", with incredulous effort and motivation in obscuring the identities of the individuals involved, for reasons that are now self-evident.

This is the reason why I started this blog (I severely underestimated access to litigation).
 Lost My Job in Hamilton in 2007 / YMCA / McMaster University

This is the purpose and typical response that I received in trying to access my medical records: :
NRCS Roxanne Yorkston: "What's inside your medical files?"

Confirms that this group was always fully aware of my activities, initiating the NRCS obstruction. My NRCS case file contains a required job resume, which confirms employment in Hamilton in 2007.
"My sister cleans houses besides Brock University & Johnston's office, a couple of times a week." 

Typical contempt encountered with the Privacy Commissioner's Office: 

"Recorded for Quality Control purposes"

At 2:07 -- "We don't take Instructions from YOU!"

"the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

What can a group of psychologists do with a half million dollars research grant, with access / use of a local police department? An intervention with "cognitive behavior therapy", without getting your hands "dirty"?
  • Live Human Research?  (I worked at 300 different temp companies in 4 years)
  • Ethics? (it's not like we are talking about medical doctors)
  • Liability concerns? (Privacy Commissioner ruling concealed medical records and identities )
Pattern recognition used to simulate "Paranoid Schizophrenia" symptoms?
  • Schizophrenics have hallucinations ('A tendency to extract message-like meaning from meaningless sensory information"),
  • Gamblers seek out biases or visible data out of the norm (chaos theory) to exploit wagering opportunities.
  • One is at odds, and the other is looking for odds"  
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
At this period of time, Gamblingresearch was receiving research grant money (huge casino profits), faster then they could spend it. Unfortunately for me, I was "just what the doctor ordered" to help facilitate the process.
 "In poker it's called a FreerollSimple as removing an individual 500 K research grant from gamblingresearch's website, and confiscating the medical records at issue.
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
"Understand now why the psychology profession seeks / needs respect from the medical community"

"Oh  Canada !"

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
After discovering the stunning / devastating revelation this past summer that the elderly psychologist Dr. Nancy Johnston is the wife of Dr. Ronald Johnston, the implications were slowly sinking in; a shocking discovery made many years too late (whole point!).
"Catch 22  defined as revealing any information, which will reinforce the fabricated diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
I worked at 300 different companies (every job imaginable), in four years (temp jobs in Toronto & GTA). Just the "live research" component would of likely required a close-knit & loyal group of researchers, with a large free flowing sum of funding.
"An artificially created environment of power and influence, for an unqualified and irrelevant group of psychologists of their field. Ruthless? I was expendable, I just didn't know it at the time......."
Brock University's faculty of Heather ChalmersJennifer McPhee and Andrew Dane were frequent grant recipients of OPGRC (CEO Robert I. Simpson, Lisa Root)

The OPGRC research group (senior researcher John A. Cunningham), had their own:
  • Private Psych Ward
  • On call Police Department
  • Easy access to unaudited and incredibly generous research grants
FYI, the Cunninghams, Johnstons, McPhee, and Chalmers are all of Celts / Scottish heritage; relevant?
"Jennifer McPhee works with Charles E. Cunningham at Mobilizingminds (Charles (Chuck) Cunningham McMaster University). Another male psychologist in the Cunningham clan?"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

Universities / CollegesGovernment / Medical / Legal
Harvard University,Niagara Regional Police Service
Stanford UniversityNiagara Health System
University of ManchesterPublic Works and Government Services Canada
California State University NetworkSt.Joseph's Hospital
FLORIDA COLLEGEFamily and Children's Services Niagara
Interuniversitair CardiologischCanadian MENTAL HEALTH ASSOCI BRAMPTON
Kentucky State UniversityHomewood Health Care
Kuwait UniversityLancaster Brooks & Welch
Ruprecht-Karls-Universitaet HeidelbergMedical Council of Canada
Vanderbilt University Medical CenterNew York City Public Schools
The Pennsylvania State UniversityOntario College of Social Workers And Social Servi
The University of BristolSt Joseph's Hospital of Hamilton Ontario
University College LondoneHealth Ontario
University of WashingtonUtah Education Network
University of TorontoNiagara Regional Broadband Networks Limited
University of KentuckyNorthern Territory Government
University of OklahomaUniversity Health Network
California State University, Long BeachLancashire County Council

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
This blog has become more of a study of the psychology profession. Special focus and attention paid on the male psychologist component, which constitutes only 20 % of the total psychology profession. Assistance of family and / or faculty members in order to secure a steady and stable income.
"Children and adolescents are the psychologists main clientele since they become "surrogate mothers"for their therapeutic needs, and are more likely to be covered by their parents extended health care plans or government youth mental health programs.. Adults conversely are more skeptical of psychologists and lack the required medical coverage."
"A psychology degree is advantageous for those pursuing a career in teaching the elementary / high school level. The ability to communicate to students from all different backgrounds, plus the "self-awareness" component  that allows one to continue to evolve to become a better facilitator
"Medical students endure a demanding and strenuous internship, with daily exposure to the human elements of life. This experiences helps mould and facilitate the interns into well respected community professionals, and quite appropriately acknowledged by the Canadian health care billing system (OHIP).
Doctors are bound by a code of ethics that is not simply derived from a published code of conduct."

Monday, August 6, 2012

Evolution of "Medicine Gone Bad" / Brock University

"One of, if not thee highest percentage of husbands and wives work relationships in universities, all across America"
In my very second post in 2009 (Suspected Participants in "RESEARCH / Intervention" ), it's obvious now that I nailed this hard:
"My gut feeling tells me it's a group of closely knit individuals that work in an incestuous workplace (very convenient and profitable). "   
This comment was quite appropriate as well:
"When you have Personal and Professional interests in a project............ then  you have neither !"
"Doctors" cure illnesses "Doctors" do not create illnesses

"Medicine Gone Bad" that I had originally chosen, was based on
  • Unethical implementation of a medication, and it's associated mental illness including cognitive behavioral therapy
"Medicine Gone Bad" eventually evolved to encompass
  • Concept and concealment of the medicine / mental illness, it's purpose / application, and it's related fields / obstruction
"Medicine Gone Bad"  concluded 
  • Solely as the new standard in liability protection, when engaging in research with live human subjects (in conjunction with Privacy Act section 25)
  • Raises academic questions on how psychologists are certified or awarded a doctorate
  • Special attention paid to the underground economy in PhD research grants
When a government agency and a local university both recommend that a fabricated diagnosis of"paranoid schizophrenia" would be in MY best interest, there were very few options available for an elderly mother (who couldn't even pronounce "schizophrenia"), and sister if any. After all, they were dealing with "doctors", weren't they?

Monday, July 23, 2012

How Did I Miss This Critical Info? "Dr. Nancy Johnston "

"Final piece of the puzzle brought to you by Johnston & Johnston"   

"Paid a very high price the last 10 years, with the possibility of making this Johnston's connection"

                                                                                ♠ ♠ ♠
Critical importance of this info is very obvious as you read through this blog (example: very original post dealing with "sleep deprivation"). It's just "Amazing" is all I can say! Dr. Nancy Johnson wins provincial achievement award

 Surprise! Surprise ! 

Dr. Nancy Johnston's husband is:

                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
"I would have no ability to confirm or verify all the OHIP billings that were attributed to me through doctors (specifically the Johnstons), since my medical records are inaccessible. Only a government inquiry would be able to uncover / audit the duration and volume of OHIP medical billings, during my lengthy "schizophrenic"  period.; including the costs charged through the St. Catharines General Hospital Psychiatric & Admissions department."

"This may be the first case in Canada where a psychologist has manipulated the Canadian health system in billing OHIP, for supposed psychological treatment not covered under medical definitions & eligibility."

"The elderly Johnstons have confiscated my medical records and are inaccessible."

"Makes the post of  Point of No Return?  in the following posts much more precarious"
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠

Fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" Diagnosis, Dr. Ronald Elmer Johnston Link

  • Total amount of influence, validity, and protection, that this elderly husband and wife team bring to the table
  • Worked together 'at the St. Catharines General Hospital 
  • Dr. Johnston's office of practice resides at the StCatharines General Hospital 
  • Recipients of OHIP billings with my psych ward admissions 
  • Did they both attend Simon's and Christine's wedding ???
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
Point of No Return?

In 2009, I decided to expose this fabricated "Paranoid Schizophrenia" by submitting copies of documentation (my only way of protesting this scam),  to the doctor' offices  that I had attended ( Submitted Copies of Privacy Letters  post appears later in this blog)
  • Dr. Ronald Johnston's office at St.Catharines General Hospital (In charge of Psych Ward)   
I sensed during that day Friday (PhD's favorite day to start the 72 hour special in the psych ward), that I wasn't going to return home because of the way my family was acting
  • New critical info confirms that I wouldn't have easily returned from the office of Dr. Ronald Johnston, after submitting a copy of the Privacy Commissioner Letter
  • Would have encountered at least another 72 hour stay in the psych ward, but I feared much worse this time (Johnston's rates aren't cheap)
  • The Johnston' became more aggressive with each stay, including two younger males with "day" passes (OHIP?) that freely entered and exited in my last 5 day stay in the psych ward (Saturday  -  Wednesday)
  • I was even drugged with an anti-psychotic medication one time, when I was officially discharged and on my way to walk back home. 
A   very  fortunate reversal of my decision, looking back now !
                                                                                 ♠ ♠ ♠
Brock University Child and Youth Studies: (Who would have suspected?)
  • Elderly Dr. Nancy Johnston, Child and Youth Studies program at Brock University, main focus is to protect the reputation of her "beloved" university
  • Dr. Heather Chalmers (Undergraduate Degrees: Physical and Health Education / Business Administration, Brock University, Part-Time Studies: PhD, Psychology), is appointed to Ontario Problem Gambling Research Centre Board of Directors OPGRC )
  • Heather Chalmers Fast-track to Careers paralleling Gamblingresearch CEO, Robert I. Simpson 
  • Surprise! Surprise ! very convenient OPGRC research group: Heather Chalmers Research Group

Christine Tardif-Williams employment at Child and Youth Studies , coinciding with my "schizophrenia" onset

It's likely Simon Williams followed in the footsteps of Dr. Nancy Johnston, to obtain lucrative  client referrals, and reimbursement

Simon Williams eventually received funding to testify in court cases.